Important notice for small hot-water heater users

Notice for free inspection

Products subject to inspection

Unvented-type small hot-water heaters that were produced prior to January 2008 and have no "Inspection completed sticker"

Free inspection items An inspection is implemented based on Rinnai's inspection standards, and takes about 45 minutes.
Based on the result of the inspection, when a customer decides to request repair or parts replacement, a separate fee will be charged.

Toll-free number dedicated for unvented-type small hot-water heater free inspection service
(Japanese only)


Opening hours: 365 days/year, From 9:00 to 21:00

This is a toll-free number dedicated for unvented-type small hot-water heater free inspection service.
Please avoid calling a wrong number.

Inquiries for other matters including repair

  • Click here to see the product models subject to inspection.
  • Be careful with an inspection related fraud

For the safe use

When you use an unvented-type small hot-water heater, please make sure to either turn on a fan or open a window for ventilation.
When ventilation is not sufficient, carbon monoxide poisoning may occur, and it could lead to a fatal accident.
Please do not use a small open-type water heater and a bath boiler with a single flue at the same time.
When the fire goes off frequently An incomplete combustion prevention device is active. Please immediately stop using the device since it is dangerous, and arrange an inspection or repair.
When the flame of ignition check window is yellow At the normal condition, the color is blue. When it is yellow, there is a risk of incomplete combustion.

When the product is used over 10 years, there may be a possibility of danger due to the deterioration such as a clogging of a heat exchange device.

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For safe and proper use of product