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Production Technology Policy

Rinnai production technologies

Through the development of manufacturing technologies, our Production Engineering Headquarters strives to provide healthy and comfortable lifestyles for people while building a stable profit structure.

For many years, we have conducted R&D on technologies, methods, and mechanisms to deliver the Rinnai Group’s products and services to customers at reasonable prices in a timely manner, and we have applied the outcomes of this R&D at our manufacturing sites.

In order to responsibly demonstrate Rinnai’s original concept of “Quality is our destiny,” we are refining our core technologies and working on in-house production of molds, equipment, and information systems, as well as creative collaborations with our partners.

With the acceleration of digitalization, globalization, and decarbonization in recent years, we have been expanding the scope of our challenges to include even larger themes. This requires us to transition from machining individual parts to developing entire assemblies and products, as well as from making standalone equipment to producing large-scale automation systems covering our factories in Japan and overseas and our global supply chain. To this end, we are strengthening our expertise in IoT, AI, robotics, simulation, and other technological fields. At the same time, we are working constantly to build frameworks and develop human resources to dynamically reform cross-divisional business processes and systems.

To fulfill our Brand Promise (“Creating a healthier way of living”) to our customers around the world, we will continue developing technologies to deliver good-quality products that support healthier, more comfortable, and higher-quality living in a timely and reasonable manner. We aim to achieve ongoing growth as a professional group that continues to challenge itself with high aspirations.