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Initiatives in existing areas Leggiero

Based on the concept of "delicious, hassle-free meals every day," Rinnai developed the Leggiero waterless cooking pot in 2022.
Deploying our experience and precision technology, gained from developing functional parts for gas stoves, we created a cooking pot with high thermal conductivity and heat storage properties. By also utilizing the convenient water-heating and temperature-setting functions of gas stoves featuring Rinnai's proprietary heat control mechanism and Si sensor-based heat control technology, you can use the "Omakase timer" cooking function to enjoy "waterless cooking" and "oven-style cooking" on a gas stove. If the stove is compatible with Rinnai's dedicated +R RECIPE smartphone app, you can also prepare a variety of recipes automatically.
By combining the performance features of the Leggiero waterless cooking pot, created using Rinnai's manufacturing technologies, with the thermal power control technologies of Rinnai's gas stoves, you can enjoy "delicious, hassle-free meals every day," as well as amazing cooking and dining experiences.


Leggiero promotional video

Features of Leggiero

Thermal conductivity and
heat storage
Using high-grade cast aluminum enabled us to reduce the weight by half compared with cast iron pots (based on Rinnai research). The result is exceptional lightness and heat conductivity. By increasing the thickness, even aluminum (normally considered weak because it cools down quickly) delivers high heat-storage performance comparable to products made of other materials.
Waterless cooking The ceramic coating process, which is water-repellent and combines practicality and durability, as well as the rigorous "Made in Japan" dimensional control process, delivers an optimal water-sealing effect. Quick and even steam circulation also the improves waterless cooking performance.
"Omakase timer" cooking
Waterless cooking
(Water heating + timer)

Using the stove's convenient water-heating function (which automatically adjusts the heat when the water boils) in combination with the timer function enables waterless cooking*1 to be easily achieved.

*1 Waterless cooking: Uses the moisture of the ingredients for cooking (without adding water), thus maximizing the natural sweetness and flavor of the ingredients.

"Omakase timer" cooking
Oven-style cooking
(Temperature setting + timer)

When the desired temperature is set, the heat power is automatically adjusted to match that temperature. Using the convenient temperature control function (which keeps the heat at the desired temperature) in conjunction with the timer function enables oven-style cooking on the gas stove*2 to be easily achieved.

*2 Oven-style cooking on the gas stove: Allows some dishes (such as gratin) to be cooked easily on a stovetop without the use of an oven. Potatoes, for example, end up surprisingly rich and fluffy.

Automatic cooking using
+R RECIPE smartphone app
Using a stove compatible with Rinnai's dedicated +R RECIPE smartphone app makes cooking even more hassle-free and easy. Just select the desired dish from the many menus on the app and prepare the food. Simply place the pot on the stove, send the recipe from the app to the stove, and then ignite the flame. While the stove is taking care of the heat level and time according to the recipe, you can make another side dish or set the table.

Leggiero official site (Japanese only)


Leggiero: Automatic cooking using "Omakase timer cooking" function and dedicated smartphone app

The "Omakase timer cooking" function for waterless cooking and oven-style cooking, as well as automatic cooking using a dedicated app, are based on fundamental technologies developed by Rinnai over many years. These include combustion technology, fluid technology, heat transfer technology, and electronic control technology. Rather than adjusting the heat by hand while watching the flame (the conventional way), the stove automatically sets the optimal heat level instead. When using automatic cooking, a sensor measures the temperature of the bottom of the pot and sends a signal to the electronic control unit, which uses an electric valve to automatically control the gas level and adjust the heat.

  • Measures the temperature of the bottom of the pot
    Measures the temperature of the bottom of the pot
  • Electric valve
    Electric valve : Automatically controls the gas level and adjusts the heat according to the desired time and temperature
  • Water seal effect
    Water seal effect : Film of water seals the space between the body and lid.

The heat control and the water seal allow you to enjoy cooking without water, which maximizes the flavor of the ingredients.

  • Waterless cabbage rollsWaterless cabbage rolls
  • Waterless, melt-in-your-mouth beef stew with steak-grade meatWaterless, melt-in-your-mouth beef stew with steak-grade meat
  • All-purpose meat sauce made without consomméAll-purpose meat sauce made without consommé
  • Waterless sweet potato miso meat stewWaterless sweet potato miso meat stew
  • Waterless pork curry with thick-cut meatWaterless pork curry with thick-cut meat