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Core Production Technologies

The Production Engineering Headquarters strives to improve quality based on Rinnai’s original concept of “Quality is our destiny.” We have designated production design, material technologies, processing technologies, inspection/analysis technologies, mold/die technologies, automation technologies, production system technologies, and digital technologies as our “core production technologies,” and we are working to improve and incorporate these technologies at our manufacturing sites.
  • Production design

    • Heat exchanger design
    • Analysis technology
  • Material technologies

    • Metal and resin materials
    • Ceramic coating
    • Enamel
  • Processing technologies

    • Welding/brazing
    • Pipe processing
    • Innovation processes
  • Inspection/analysis

    • Innovation inspection
    • Image inspection
    • Inspection-free
  • Mold/press

    • Mold technology
    • Press technology
  • Automation

    • Factory automation development
    • Robot system development
  • Production system

    • Production system design
    • Assembly process design
  • Digital technologies

    • IoT (equipment, people, things)
    • AI, data science