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Site policy

This information applies to the website ("this website") that Rinnai Corporation ("Rinnai") administers and manages. Please read the following terms and conditions and agree before you use this website. The terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice, so please make sure to use the latest information. Moreover, this website is linked to the websites operated by other companies. When you use those websites, please check the terms and conditions posted on the sites.

Recommended Environment

  • OS: Windows 7 or later. Mac OS or later.
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 11.0 or later. Firefox(latest). Google Chrome(latest).
  • Smart Phone: iOS9.0 or later. Android 6.0 or later.
  • The website provides content with animation, video and PDF.
    To enjoy the content, we recommend you to download the following plug-in software.
    In addition, the recommended plug-in and software may be changed without prior notice.
  • Even under recommended environment, a part of contents may not operate properly.

The Adobe Reader® plug-in provided free of charge by Adobe Systems is required to view PDF format files.
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  • This website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), so customers can enter their personal information feeling secure.
  • SSL is a security technology to protect the information that customers sent from a browser (personal information, ID, password, etc.) from being intercepted by a third party. The data customers enter in this website is encrypted before being sent over the network.


This website uses JavaScript. This website may not be properly displayed or function when JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript to view this website.


This website may use Cookie. About Cookie, Please read Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy


  1. Documents, photos, illustrations, movie, music, table, drawing, software, etc ("content") are protected by copyrights that held by Rinnai or third parties.
  2. Customers who use this website may download and copy the content only for the limited purposes, such as personal use, family use, or anything equivalent.
  3. Excluding the cases above and any other cases which are exempt by the copyright law, it is prohibited to conduct copying, modification, alteration, translation, transfer, distribution, etc. without the consent of the copyright holder.
  4. When content presents specific terms and conditions, you may use the content in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  5. Rinnai shall not be held responsible for trouble and any other damage that incurred to customers using the website. Moreover, the content of this website may be deleted or changed without prior notice, and the website service may be suspended or terminated. Rinnai assumes no responsibility for any damage that customer received for such reasons.


Trademarks listed on this website ("Rinnai" and "Rinnai" in Japanese), logos, Rinnai's product names, service names are a trademark or a registered trademark of Rinnai Corporation.
Other names such as product names are generally the trademark or registered trademark of each company.
These trademarks and registered trademarks shall not be used without the consent of each copyright holder.


Rinnai does not offer any guarantee for the accuracy, integrity or validity of the information listed on this website for customers. Even when there is any error in the information, Rinnai does not hold any responsibilities.
Moreover, without notice to customers, Rinnai may, at its sole discretion, add, change, correct and delete the information listed on this website.
Unless otherwise provided in this website, Rinnai shall not be responsible for any damage or consequence caused by the use of this website by customers.

Protection of Personal Information

Some services of this website may require customers to enter their personal information.
To use the service, please read Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy

Display of Prices

When there is no specific note, product prices listed on this website are the product only recommended retail prices (consumption tax included). The prices do not include the prices for consumable goods and construction expenses.