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Prohibition of the Use of Asbestos at Rinnai

  1. All of the products, components and parts that Rinnai sells do not contain asbestos.
  2. The use of asbestos for the products that we manufactured and sold in the past
    • Asbestos was used in some of the parts of the products manufactured in the past (packing and sealing material). However, they were fixed with binder, and they will not spatter during the use or after the disposal.
      As for packing, it is used in the condition that metal parts are attached to the both sides. In the case of the sealing material for heat shield plates and baking trays for a gas oven, the perimeter is covered with metal parts, which make it more difficult to spatter.
    • The following products which were manufactured by third parties and sold by Rinnai were all replaced with the asbestos-free models at the following period.
      Kitchen appliances: April 1992
      Hot-water units: August 2005
      * All the products manufactured by Rinnai are asbestos-free since 1989.
      * Rinnai sold the following products that we purchased from Gastar Co., Ltd.
      • Products manufactured by Gastar Co., Ltd.
        * All the models were switched to asbestos-free in March 2001.
      • Products produced by Atago Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
        * All the models were changed to asbestos-free in August 2005.
      Air-conditioning and heating units: March 1988
      Commercial-use equipment: April 1992