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Information Security Policy for Rinnai Group of companies

The Rinnai Group of companies will make up our own Information Security Policy and drive ensuring information security in order to utilize our information assets (information and information system) in terms of safety, appropriate management and usage.

Make up the Company policy and rules

The Rinnai Group will make up the company policy and rules. All employees will comply with this policy and rules when handling information assets in appropriate manners.

Establish the driving force

Each company in the Rinnai Group will appoint a person to be the Chief Information Security Officer to establish a driving force behind the policy so as to carry out these actions in an efficient manner.

Take Information Security Measures

The Rinnai Group will take information security measures for both hardware and software in order to make use of information assets in a safe and an appropriate manner.

Training and Enlightenment

The Rinnai Group will keep providing all employees with knowledge and training in order that the employees realize the importance of information security. And that the employees handle their information assets in appropriate manners.

Response to Problems with Information Security

The Rinnai Group will implement and take necessary actions immediately after a problem with information security has occurred, this is in order to minimize any damage.