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  1. Rinnai Report 2023 (Integrated Report) Published

  2. Aiming to Become More Consumer-Oriented, Acquisition of Land and Buildings in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo

  3. Notification of Personnel Changes

  4. Notification of Executive Personnel Changes

  5. Notification of Organizational and Personnel Changes, including Executive Officer

  6. Rinnai Report 2022 (Integrated Report) Published

Basic information

Message from the President

This page lists the message from Hiroyasu Naito, President and Representative Director to all.

About Rinnai

Company Profile

Company Profile

This page introduces information such as company overview, office information and corporate history.



Rinnai Report (Integrated Report) and Back Issue are listed.

Material Procurement

Material Procurement

This page posts procurement policy and items that Rinnai is looking for. Visit here for supplier registration.