Gas hot-water unit

Gas hot-water

Trouble caused by the deterioration of equipment

Indicators related to a remote controller and a switch

A remote controller stopped working properly.
An error sign is frequently indicated.
It takes longer for a burning sign to be indicated than before.
The temperature setting of a remote controller cannot be changed.

Actual case A remote controller stopped working properly.

Inspection and repair

Things that are observed while hot-water is supplied and bathwater is reheated

The temperature of water suddenly goes up or down.
The temperature of water is generally lower than before.
It takes longer for hot-water to be supplied and bathwater to be heated up.
The temperature of bathwater remains the same although a user changes the temperature setting of the remote controller.

Actual case The temperature of water suddenly goes up or down.

When taking a shower, please check the temperature of the water first with your hand.
During and immediately after use, the temperature of the equipment's main body, exhaust pipe and its immediate surroundings becomes high. Please do not touch these areas.

Inspection and repair

Indicators related to noise and smell

Equipment started making a loud noise.
When equipment is in use, a burnt or otherwise abnormal odor which irritates eyes is emitted.
Equipment vibrates.

Actual case Part of the internal components of the equipment got clogged and gave a negative impact on combustion condition, which resulted in incomplete combustion.

Inspection and repair

Actual case Dust was accumulated in the equipment’s earth leakage breaker. Then, the tracking phenomenon occurred, and the inside of equipment gave off smoke and burned.

Inspection and repair

Actual case Due to the water heater being used normally on a daily basis for an extended period of five or ten years, the motor component such as a water controller inside the device degraded with time, causing a short that resulted in the inside of the device giving off smoke and burning.

Inspection and repair

Visual indicators

The unit has areas of rust or discoloration.
Water leaks from equipment.
There is accumulated dust in the air supply and exhaust openings of the equipment.
The area under the equipment is constantly wet.
A hole has been made in the equipment

Actual case The unit becomes severely rusted, allowing rainwater to seep in or internal components to leak, causing the gas pathway to corrode. (Abnormal ignition caused by leaking gas could lead to discoloration or deformation of the unit.)

Severely rusted unit bodyOpening appears in part of the unit

* Corrosion is accelerated in areas susceptible to salt damage,
particularly places on the coast exposed to a sea breeze and in cold climates where snow-melting agents are used.

Inspection and repair

Exhaust pipes may be displaced or clogged with items like a bird's nest or soot.

Actual case Exhaust pipes were displaced or clogged with a bird's nest or soot.As a result, exhaust gas from combustion leaked indoors, causing incomplete combustion.

Exhaust pipes were displaced or clogged with a bird's nest or soot.As a result, exhaust gas from combustion leaked indoors, causing incomplete combustion.
Exhaust gas from combustion may leak indoors and it could cause incomplete combustion, which would result in carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

An exhaust pipe was displaced, or the power plug was not plugged in.

Actual case Since an exhaust pipe was displaced or a power plug was unplugged, a user could not use the equipment, or incomplete combustion occurred.
Please check the following three points before using equipment which is installed indoors and has a power plug.
  • Check1. Is the power cable plugged in?
    To rotate an exhaust fan, power is needed. If the plug is switched off at the wall outlet or has been unplugged, please switch it on or plug in the cable.
  • Check2. Is the fan rotating?
    During the use of equipment, an exhaust fan rotates. When equipment is operating normally, it makes a rotating noise. Please confirm this is the case.
  • Check3. Is the exhaust pipe extended to the outdoors?
    Please check if the exhaust pipe is displaced or has a hole in it due to corrosion. In addition, confirm that a wire net is attached to the end of the exhaust pipe.

Inspection and repair

Gas hot-water