Gas fan heater and gas heater

Gas fan heater
and gas heater

Trouble caused by the deterioration of equipment

Visual indicators

Part of the control panel is discolored or deformed.
A nozzle is discolored into black.
A filter is clogged with dust.
A combustion area is deformed. (Red heat stove)

Actual case Corrosion caused a hole in a burner, which resulted in gas leak. The gas caught fire, and the side of the equipment was burned.

Inspection and repair

Things that can be noticed during ignition operation

There is difficulty in ignition.
Flame goes up excessively high.
There is an odor of gas.
An error sign is frequently indicated.

Actual case Due to the accumulated dust inside the equipment, abnormal, delayed ignition was caused.

Inspection and repair

Indicators related to noise and smell

The ignition noise is louder than before.
There is a burning smell and an odor of gas during operation.
Loud operating noise (vibration sound) is observed.

Actual case A burner was corroded, resulting in a bigger flame, which then burned the dust accumulated inside the equipment.

Inspection and repair

Things that are observed during cooking

The size of flame becomes smaller/bigger than before. (Red heat stove)
The color of flame has changed to yellow/red. (Red heat stove)
A filter light is blinking.
The burner often shuts off automatically during operation.
An error sign is frequently indicated.
The equipment becomes abnormally hot.
Air flow is weaker than before. (Fan heater)

Actual case A clogged burner caused incomplete combustion, causing a user to become sick.

Inspection and repair

Gas fan heater
and gas heater