Important Notices Regarding Products


Important Notice Regarding Product Safety

Regarding the carbon monoxide poisoning accident caused by Rinnai's unvented-type small hot-water heater
Giving consideration to the carbon monoxide poisoning accident related to Rinnai's unvented-type small hot-water heater on February 7, 2007, Rinnai has investigated accident records of the past, and confirmed that there are four accidents that people have been either killed or injured regarding a product of the same models or similar models.

1. The sequence of events

On February 7, 2007, there was a fatal accident related to an unvented-type small hot-water heater with incomplete combustion prevention function manufactured by Rinnai in Kanagawa.
Rinnai has investigated the cause, and found that there was no problem with the product; however, the ventilation during the use of the product was insufficient.
Moreover, regarding the accident above, Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office made an announcement on March 31, 2008 as follows: "There was no issue about the unvented-type small hot-water heater. The accident occurred because of insufficient ventilation and equipment cleaning."

2. Target model

  1. RUS-5RX
  2. RUS-51BT
  3. RN-405SD (Tokyo Gas model)

3. Inspection

Rinnai will continue to provide the users of our unvented-type small hot-water heater in Japan with free inspection for them to comfortably use the product.

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