Important Notice for Customers Using Hot Water and Bath

For the safe use

To prevent scalding

• Keep hands and body clear of hot water that first comes out of the tap.

  • * The initial flow of hot water from the tap will be very hot when you open the hot water tap again after it has been closed, when the flow of hot water suddenly becomes smaller, when a large amount of cold water is used, such as in flushing the toilet, and causes water pressure to drop, and in the remote possibility of equipment malfunction.
  • * When using hot water, including hot water from the shower, the hot water that comes out of the showerhead will initially be very hot. To prevent scalding, wait a moment before letting the hot water stream hit your head and body.

• The hot water tap gets hot when hot water is flowing through it. Be careful.

• Only the person using the shower and hot water should change the temperature.

* A sudden, unexpected change in temperature—hot or cold—can lead to accidents.

• Carefully check temperature with palm of hand

  • * Before getting into the bath, check the temperature of the water in the bathtub. Be careful not to scald yourself.
  • * As the bathtub fills with hot water and after the tub has been filled, a temperature difference may appear between the water at the top and at the bottom of the tub. Please stir up the water before getting into the tub and check with your hand to ensure that the temperature is even throughout.
  • * If the temperature of water going into the supply unit is high or you are using a reduced volume of hot water, the hot water may become hotter that the temperature that has been set for hot water supply. In such cases, either increase the amount of hot water or mix in a sufficient amount of cold water to obtain the desired temperature.


Please read the following as well.

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