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Oct 03, 2018

(RB-2CG and RB-3CG series gas built-in hobs for Southeast Asian market)

Rinnai Corporation (headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi; president: Hiroyasu Naito) is a comprehensive manufacturer of heating and energy appliances that supports people's heating and lifestyle needs. Rinnai recently received a GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018 for its RB-2CG and RB-3CG series gas built-in hobs (stovetops) for the Southeast Asian market. (The awards were presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.)

RB-2CG and RB-3CG series gas built-in hobs (stovetops) for the Southeast Asian market

These are drop-in cookers for medium- and high-end households in the Southeast Asian market. They are fitted with our original inner flame burner, which realizes high efficiency, high heat power, and small simmer flame. This allows genuine cooking can be done quickly and deliciously. A new feature is a cooking timer that can be set by dial, enabling users to cook for long periods with peace of mind. The top surface plate is made of glass, and the side frames are understated, providing a sleeker appearance and easier cleaning. To accentuate the design, we have employed metal for the cylindrical knobs, which enhances user-friendliness and conveys a high-class feeling.

Judge's comment

These stovetops can handle large hotpots and other heavy loads, and we were impressed by the sturdy trivets. Also, the edges of the trivets have been rounded out to prevent pots from getting scratched. Although we were slightly concerned about the harmony between the simple, minimalist design and the heavy-set trivets, the products as a whole have been put together in a simple, pleasing manner.



Since its foundation, the Rinnai spirit has embodied a "commitment to heat and lifestyles," "quality is our destiny," and "contribution to local communities." As a comprehensive manufacturer of heating and energy appliances, we will strive to enrich people's lives through our exceptional designs.



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