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Two Awards at GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 Received
Domino-type induction hob selected among 100 best designs

Rinnai Corporation (headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi; president: Hiroyasu Naito) received prizes in the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 for its Domino-type IH cooking heater and Domino-type Drop-in Hob Series. (The awards were presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.)

In addition, our domino-type IH cooking heater was included in the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 products, which are selected among Good Design Award winners after receiving particularly high evaluation from the judges.

Domino-type IH Cooking Heater

* This year's award-winner is the front-most module.

* The gas modules at the center and further back were included in the 2017 GOOD DESIGN BEST 100.

Judge's comment

The Domino-type IH cooking heater has a simple design expression that is not bound by convention. Features include a blackout function that makes the surface appear as a single plate when the unit is turned off, as well as horizontal lines that are parallel to the trivets of gas cookers in the same series. Although designed to be a single component of a domino-type system, the hob functions capably as a standalone unit because it can handle frequent use and compete with products by overseas makers.

Domino-type Drop-in Hob Series

  • Judge's comment

    This drop-in hob for the Hong Kong and Southeast Asian market combines a compact design and strong firepower, as well as safety and quality unique to Japan--factors that were highly rated. It also features simple operability with a high-quality feel, and the peripheries of the burners have been blackened to enhance flame detectability. In addition, the nail-shaped tips of the trivets are designed to minimize calorie loss while maintaining strength. It has a high-quality appearance and a simple manufacturing design.

(Reference) Overview of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 Winners

Domino-type IH Cooking Heater

This is a modular type IH cooking heater for high-end kitchens. Its size and operability are consistent with other modules in the G:101 series of built-in hobs, allowing users to freely combine heat sources according to their cooking styles. Another feature is the positioning marks for pots and pans, expressed as lines instead of circles. It has a stylish design that stands out in kitchens filled with overseas products.


  • Domino-type Drop-in Hob Series

    This series of modular gas drop-in hobs is designed for middle and high-end residences in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Three possible variations can be combined according to the user's cooking style. The solid all-black design makes it easy to match any kitchen, and the metal knobs are knurled on the sides for ease of use and a high-end feeling.


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