2. Important Notices Regarding Products
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Important Notices Regarding Products

Formal apology for loss of customer information in "long-term use product maintenance and inspection system" and request to re-register information

Thank you for continuing to use Rinnai products.

We recently experienced a failure in our system for managing the information of customers who purchased products manufactured by the Rinnai Group and sold through Rinnai and our OEMs. In responding to this issue some customer information was unfortunately deleted.

We first would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

We collect and manage information via return postcards and our website for customers who use products in our "long-term use product maintenance and inspection system," in an attempt to prevent product accidents from occurring due to deterioration over time. However, the data for 27 customer information entries made on October 2, 2015 between 3:53 PM and 7:48 PM was lost. We have confirmed that the customer information was completely erased during this incident, and that there is no possibility of personal information being leaked.

No customer information registered by return postcard was erased. The 27 entries that were erased included customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, products, and serial numbers. We have also reported this incident to the relevant authorities.

Normally, when owner information is registered on our website, a message stating "Registration complete. A registration notification will be sent to your registered address at a later date." is displayed at the top of the screen. However, the data for customers who registered information during this time period was erased, so no notification will be sent.

If no notification is received after three weeks have passed since registering your information, your data may have been erased. We would like to register your information again. We apologize for the inconvenience but ask that you call our "incident inquiry hotline" at the number below.

We will strive to prevent such an incident from happening again. We plan to revise our procedures when responding to a system failure, educate and train our operators, and more. We also take all possible measures to protect the personal information we handle. We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Incident inquiry hotline

Rinnai Product Inspection Center


Operating hours: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM(excluding weekends, national holidays, and other designated company holidays)

Please make sure that you dial the correct number.

* In order for us to provide more accurate service, we ask that you provide your telephone number.
If you have elected to mask your telephone number, please dial 186 prior to calling 186-0120-493-110 so that we are notified of your phone number.

Re-registration instructions

・ If you have an owner ticket

If you recall registering information during this time period and cannot call us toll-free, please re-register using the Internet receipt number listed on the top of the owner ticket you used during registration. Please see the "owner ticket example" below to confirm where the Internet receipt number is located.


Owner ticket example

・ If you do not have an owner ticket

We are happy to send you a new owner ticket. Please contact the Rinnai Product Inspection Center by telephone. When you call, please tell us your product name, gas type, and serial number (dishwasher/dryers do not have a gas type).

Applicable products, and location of product name (model), gas type, and serial number

Applicable product Information location and content
Small hot-water heater
Right side
Gas hot-water heater
Gas water heater with bath-filling system
Gas hot-water heating heat source



Front lower left
Gas bath-filling system
Lower front
Built-in dishwasher/dryer
Slide-open model
Front-open model (door-type)
Gas fan heater
Lower back