Mid-term Management Plan

Changing Business Environment

  Japan Overseas
(advanced nations)
(emerging nations)
  • Electricity and gas deregulation
  • Ministry of Environment energy policies(zero-energy house, etc.)
  • Energy diversification
  • Stronger environmental regulations
  • Electricity shortages; proliferation of gas
  • Emphasis on environmental protection
  • Falling birthrate, ageing population
    (Declining workforce; diversifying human resources)
  • Rising awareness about environment, energy efficiency, and safety
  • Rising living standards
  • Growing number of middle-income earners
  1. Confronting major unprecedented changes
    over the next three years (2015–2017)
  2. Create new products and services that will transform our business.
    Rinnai will continue using heat to benefit society.

Overview of "Evolution and Succession 2017"

Domestic Business Model

Changing trends for conventional products

Transition to system-based offerings marks shift to high-value-added products

Leveraging our ECO ONE hybrid water heater with heating system to
rebuild our business model for system-based products

By strengthening the development, production, and sales processes,
we will make ECO ONE the pillar of domestic business growth.

Gas Appliance Peripherals Business Model (Japan)

Rinnai makes all of its products efficiently in Japan.
We will protect the competitiveness of our gas appliance peripherals.

Growing sales of peripherals apart from gas appliances

Overseas Business Model

Rinnai's global technology network

Synergistic benefits of linking respective Group strengths.
Transition from local congregations to technology alliance-based model.

New Domains Business Model

Expanding new businesses in genres different from heat appliances

Apply core technologies amassed in gas appliance production.
Deploy strengths in product manufacturing to benefit people's lives.

New Medium-Term Business Plan

"Evolution and Succession 2017" (From April 2015 to March 2018)

New Medium-Term Business Plan

Medium-Term Business Plan (April 2015–March 2018)

Consolidated Medium-Term Business Plan
"Evolution and Succession 2017"
Fiscal 2016
Fiscal 2017
Fiscal 2018
Net Sales 319.9 330.2 340.0
Breakdown Domestic 169.5 180.4 181.0
Overseas 150.4 149.7 159.0
sales ratio)
47.0% 45.4% 46.8%
Operating profit 34.5 34.0 37.0
Operating profit ratio 10.8% 10.3% 10.9%


New Medium-Term Business Plan