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Since its establishment of 1920, as a comprehensive heat-energy appliance manufacturer, Rinnai has been providing various products under the keywords of "safety and assurance", "comfort" and "environment-friendly" and contributing to "heat and comfortable lifestyles". Our product lineup consists of conventional thermal energy appliances such as kitchen appliances including cooking stoves and rice cookers, hot-water units including bath boilers, air-conditioning and heating units including gas fan heaters and infrared heaters, as well as non-conventional products such as dish washers/dryers and clothes dryers.

Currently, finding solutions to global warming is a priority issue worldwide. This is of particular urgency in Japan where the need for environmental conservation and energy-saving measures has increased due to acute power shortages in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The situation has also fueled momentum to diversify energy sources rather than rely on a single energy option. In 2010, Rinnai introduced ECO ONE, a hybrid hot-water and heating system that combines gas and electricity at an optimal level. ECO ONE is a world-class, top-level product boasting energy-saving, environment-friendly and economical features and lending itself to the creation of comfortable surroundings. The lineup has been enhanced since the system debuted, and going forward, Rinnai will direct effort toward higher sales of ECO ONE while promoting widespread use of Eco-Jozu, a high energy-efficiency hot-water unit, and thereby contribute to a better global environment.

Not only in Japan but also in 16 countries and regions including the U.S., Australia, Korea, China, Indonesia, Brazil and Italy, Rinnai has been developing and providing high-quality thermal energy appliances which suit best to each lifestyle, climate and energy situation. Rinnai's products, which are created with advanced technology, are highly evaluated in many countries as No.1 brand due to their environment-friendliness, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission and energy conservation, their convenience and comfort, which is the result of the utilization of Japan's manufacturing technology, and most importantly their highly reliable quality.

One of Rinnai's distinctive characteristics is that Rinnai Group handles daily necessities which are essential to people's life in the world. We believe that it is Rinnai's mission and social responsibility that we contribute to the lives of people in the world and the global environment through our main businesses. Under these circumstances, the Rinnai Group formulated a new medium-term business plan, entitled Evolution and Succession 2017, which began in April 2015. Under the plan, we will ensure the "succession" of the "Rinnai Spirit," attained through our history, to continue stable business operations, while emphasizing "evolution" so we can respond to changes anticipated in the new era. By innovating our business model while preempting various changes in the business environment, we aim to create new products and services and thus firmly establish Rinnai as a comprehensive manufacturer of heat and energy appliances.

  • Hiroyasu Naito, President and Representative Director