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Since its establishment in 1920 as a comprehensive manufacturer of heat and energy appliances, Rinnai has been providing various products that meet the diversified needs of customers under the keywords of "safety and peace of mind," "comfort," and "environmentally friendly." Our product lineup consists of kitchen appliances, such as stoves and rice cookers; hot water systems, such as water heaters and bathtub filler/heaters; and air-conditioning appliances, such as gas fan heaters and gas stoves. In recent years, we have added new products, including dishwasher/dryers, range hoods, and other kitchen peripherals, as well as floor heaters and bathroom heater/dryers that use hot water for heating purposes.

In addition to concern about the environment, which is a global problem, Japan is confronted with a variety of social challenges, including an aging population and medical and health problems. Rinnai actively promotes products that can help address such challenges. These include hybrid water heaters with heating systems that use a combination of electricity and gas to achieve world-top levels of energy efficiency and comfort; bathroom heater/dryers that address the problem of heat shock in bathrooms; and clothes dyers that enable clothes to be dried indoors.

The Rinnai Group develops and provides high-quality heat and energy appliances that are optimized to the living cultures, climates, and energy situations of various world nations. In addition to Japan, these include the United States, China, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, and Italy. Incorporating advanced technologies, our products are acclaimed as the No. 1 brand in many countries due to their eco-friendliness (contribution to CO2 emission reductions and energy conservation), convenience and comfort (derived from Japanese manufacturing technologies), and, most importantly, their highly reliable quality.

Currently, the Group is implementing its new medium-term business plan, entitled "G–shift 2020." The final year of the plan is fiscal 2021, ending March 31, 2021, which marks Rinnai’s 100th anniversary. Under the plan, we will promote a shift in emphases toward the "3 Gs" (global, generation, and governance). Our global shift means deploying the Group’s network to promote strategies and focus on developing Rinnai as a world-renowned brand. Our generation shift entails focusing on the new generation of employees who break through conventional paradigms, while preserving traditions cultivated over 100 years. And our governance shift means building management frameworks suited to the times and organizational structures that encourage growth.

One of the Rinnai Group’s distinctive characteristics is that it handles daily necessities that are essential to the daily lives of people around the world. We believe that contributing to the lives of people worldwide and the global environment through our main business is both our mission and our social responsibility. Guided by the keywords of "heat and living" and "health and living," we will utilize our strengths to provide unique products and services that help improve the living standards of people around the world.

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