Corporate Philosophy


At Rinnai, social responsibility means respecting the rules of society, including laws, and fostering community development, while conducting business in a responsible and highly ethical manner. This view takes precedence over all else in every aspect of routine operations.

To realize this level of social responsibility, each and every employee must weigh his or her actions against the intent of the Rinnai Spirit in executing assigned duties. The Rinnai Spirit comes through in the Corporation's long-standing motto "Harmony, Spirit, Sincerity," a moral pillar, and the Rinnai Charter and Rinnai Code of Conduct, which together set out concrete guidelines to be followed in day-to-day activities.

Fundamental Concepts

Quality is our destiny

Company Motto

(Harmony Spirit Sincerity)

  • Harmony : Develop personal character of the highest caliber
  • Spirit : Base your efforts on a consistent philosophy
  • Sincerity : Know the fundamentals and consider issues with precision and clarity

Rinnai Corporate Mission

Rinnai utilizes heating to provide society with a comfortable way of life.

Schematic Diagram of Company Ideals

Schematic Diagram of Company Ideals

The Rinnai Charter(Seven Commitments)

  1. We are committed to keeping our customers first and foremost in our minds with our policy of "Quality is Our Destiny".
  2. We are committed to pursuing safety, comfort, and convenience and to providing products that are friendly to the global environment.
  3. We are committed to acquiring and utilizing expertise in heating to improve our customers' quality of life.
  4. We are committed to strengthening the relationship between Japanese and overseas Rinnai Group members and to working for each other's prosperity.
  5. We are committed to enhancing the prosperity of the communities that we belong to and to building a reputation as trustworthy and responsible members of society.
  6. We are committed to operating under the principles of harmony, spint and sincerity, and to growing our company by ensuring the prosperity of society.
  7. We are committed to actng in compliance with the law and to adhering to ethics as responsible members of society.

Three Key Themes

Since its establishment, Rinnai has grown and developed through an unshakable focus on three themes. Part and parcel of the Rinnai Spirit, these themes are and always will be integral to our success.

Heat and comfortable lifestyles
Rinnai's corporate mission hinges on the use of "heating" to provide society with"comfortable lifestyles". Our strength is in sophisticated heating technologies, and we will utilize this capability to facilitate the creation of pleasant living environments.
Rinnai's catchphrase—"Quality is our destiny."—epitomizes a corporate obsession with quality. So it is only natural that we would keep production and other monozukuri efforts in-house to sustain high-level standards. This enables us to deliver safety and peace of mind to our customers.
Contributing to local communities
At Rinnai, we firmly believe that contributing to a better lifestyle culture in local communities is vital to our role as a good corporate citizen. Basic strategies for expanding our presence abroad require that sales and services are executed with local conditions in mind and that manufacturing takes place in the markets where the products will be sold.

The Birth of Rinnai

Rinnai uses reliable technologies to create "heat and lifestyles" while embracing the spirit of its foundation

One November day in 1918, Hidejiro Naito stood mesmerized in front of a shop making imagawayaki, a traditional Japanese bun usually filled with adzuki bean paste. He was intrigued by the blue flame that came from the imported oil-burning cooking stove used to cook the imagawayaki. Keen to try his hand at making a similar stove, Hidejiro convinced the shop owner to part with the stove. Using it as a model, Hidejiro subsequently developed a petroleum-fuelled stove, heralding the origin of the business we know today.

Two years later, in 1920, Hidejiro left his job at Nagoya Gas (currently Toho Gas Co., Ltd.). Together with Kanekichi Hayashi, a childhood friend who lived in the same dormitory, they established Rinnai & Co., the forerunner of today's Rinnai Corporation. The company name was coined from characters in the two men's last names ("Rin" is another way of reading "Hayashi," and "Nai" comes from "Naito").

Thus began nearly a century of developing the latest heat-energy appliances. Over the years, Rinnai's products slowly transformed Japanese lifestyles as the nation continued on its path to modernization. From its origins through to the present day, Rinnai has been guided by its Corporate Mission, which is "to use heat to provide society with comfortable lifestyles." The ethos of contributing to society—evident in the early catalog for Rinnai's original, petroleum-fuelled stove—has endured unchanged through to the present day.

Today, Rinnai's vision hinges on the three themes of "heat and lifestyles," "quality," and "contributing to local communities." As a comprehensive manufacturer of heat-energy appliances, Rinnai contributes to people's lifestyles around the world and to the global environment. Despite all the changes to society and products that have taken place, Hidejiro's pioneering spirit remains as unshakeable today as it was then.

The Birth of Rinnai