Gas rice cooker

Gas rice cooker

Problems that could be caused by incorrect usage

It is dangerous to improperly use a product. Please consult the user manual for proper usage.

Actual case When a rice cooking pot was placed on the cooker, foreign matter such as a rice scoop and a plastic spoon was left directly on the cook-top. This caused incomplete combustion and the burning of the foreign matter.
When a rice cooking pot is set on the cooker, please make sure not to place any foreign matter such as a rice scoop or a plastic spoon in the burner area.
In some cases, the cap for the cooker’s drainage outlet can become stuck to the bottom of the pot. Please make sure that no foreign matter is stuck to the bottom of the pot.
It could cause incomplete combustion and fire.
Actual case A gas rice cooker was used while foreign matter was attached to a sensor, meaning that the sensor could not properly detect temperature. As a result, equipment's main body became excessively hot, and the user was burned.

Actual case Newspaper was placed underneath a rice cooker during use. The newspaper started burning and caused a fire.

Actual case A user accidentally dropped a rice cooker and damaged its gas connection part, which caused a gas leak. Without realizing this, the user used the equipment, and burned it.

Actual case A rice cooker was used covered with a dishcloth/a towel, causing incomplete combustion and the burning of the equipment.
Please do not cover a rice cooker with items like dishcloths or towels.
There may be a risk of incomplete combustion, the burning of the equipment and fire.
Actual case Since a rubber hose was used to connect a rice cooker with a timer, a gas leak occurred.
Please use a gas hose for a rice cooker with a timer.
If you use something other than a gas hose, it could cause a gas leak or fire.
When a gas connection area is damaged, stained or has foreign matter attached, it could cause a gas leak.
Please handle with care.
When you have any question regarding the issue above, please contact Rinnai office near you or Customer Center.
Contact point for repair and inspection
Customer Service Center, toll-free number: 0120-054-321 (Japanese only)
Actual case When the slim plug (for attaching gas hose) was fitted onto the rice cooker main unit, the retaining ring failed to lock in place.
Certain appliance-use slim plugs made by Koyosangyo Co., Ltd. cannot be attached correctly to Rinnai-brand rice cookers, depending on the timing of the plug manufacture. Please confirm the configuration of the slim plug before using.
Rice cooker models affected: RR-100VL, RR-S100VL, RR-100VM(DB), RAJ-10MB
  • Slim plugs for older-type appliances come into direct contact with the rice cooker’s main body and cannot be inserted into the retaining ring, preventing them from being securely fixed to the appliance.
Gas rice cooker