Gas fan heater and gas heater

Gas fan heater
and gas heater

Problems that could be caused by incorrect usage

It is dangerous to improperly use a product. Please consult the user manual for proper usage.

Actual case The equipment was stored in a high-humidity location during summer, which caused moving parts in the motor to rust, resulting in abnormal sounds.
Do not place or store the equipment in high-humidity locations. Otherwise, metal parts may rust and/or plastic parts may crack and break, which could result in equipment malfunction.
Actual case Hair spray containing silicon was used near the fan heater while it was in operation, which caused white powder to adhere around the hot air outlet.
Do not use cosmetic sprays (hair spray, antiperspirant spray, etc.) containing silicon or clothing sprays (water-proofing spray, ironing spray, antistatic agent, etc.) containing silicon near the equipment. White powder may adhere to the inside of the equipment or the hot air outlet, or may be blown out.
Actual case A user used a heater without changing air for a long time, and felt sick.
Please maintain good ventilation.
When you are using a heater, please change air once or twice every hour for one minute by using a fan or opening a window.
When a user keeps using a heater in an environment with insufficient ventilation, he/she may suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion. In the worst case, this could result in a fatality.
Actual case A use used a rubber hose to connect with a gas valve, so gas started leaking.

Please use a gas hose only. The gas types that can be used are limited to LPG, 13A and 12A.
To connect with a gas fixture, please make sure to use a gas hose.
If you use something other than a gas hose, it could cause a gas leak or fire.
A rubber hose may not be used.
* Some of the gas fan heaters sold in 1996 or before are rubber hose connection models.
Please insert the hose into a gas fan heater and a gas fixture until it clicks.
If you have any questions regarding the issue above, please contact a Rinnai office near you or the Customer Center.
Actual case When a user was drying clothes right above a gas heater, the clothes dropped on the heater and caused a fire.

Actual case A user attempted to dry clothes by placing them on a fan heater while it was in use. Due to the heat, a panel located on the upper part of the fan heater was deformed.

Please do not block the hot air outlet of the fan heater or air filter. Blockage may cause abnormal combustion and/or fire.
Actual case A spray-can was left in front of a fan heater’s hot-air nozzle while it was in use. The spray-can exploded and caused a fire.
Please do not place a spray-can in front of a heater.
Please do not put a spray-can such as insecticide spray, hair spray, or a gas can for a portable butane stove, in the path of hot air.
The heat will increase the pressure of the inside of the spray-can, which could result in an explosion.
Actual case Since a fan heater was unplugged immediately after being turned off, the combustion chamber inside the heater could not be cooled down. The heat of the room melted the panel located on the upper part of the fan heater.

Actual case A user left their heater on while away from home or sleeping, causing an unexpected accident such as a fire.
Please make sure to turn the heater off.
Do not go to sleep or go out with the heater left on.
It could cause an unexpected accident such as a fire.
(Excluding timer operation)
Actual case The hot air of a heater kept directly blowing onto the body of a user while they were asleep, leaving him/her with a low-temperature burn.
Please do not sleep directly in the path of hot air.
Even if it is relatively low-temperature, the continuous contact with hot air could cause a low-temperature burn.
Actual case A user kept using a heater without cleaning the filter for a long time, which caused an abnormal combustion and temperature increase.
Please clean a filter.
An unclean filter impedes heating ability and could result in the failure of the product.
The filter could become clogged and prevent air intake. This may invite abnormal combustion and temperature increase, causing the product to malfunction.
Please clean your heater about once a month.
Gas fan heater
and gas heater