Important Notices Regarding Products


To our gas hot-water heater users

Thank you for using our gas hot-water heater .

On August 4, 2006, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has made an announcement on Rinnai’s gas hot-water heater, RU-9EF and RU-13EF. As it stated, there is no report on these products related accident nor case of modification of safety device. Therefore, there shall be no similar incident.    

For safe use, please note the followings:

  1. Some models of gas hot-water heaters (indoor installation-type) require ventilation at the time of use. When you use such product, for your safety, please use properly opening a ventilator or a window.
  2. When you find any abnormality with the product during the operation, please immediately stop using it and contact the retailer of your purchase or Rinnai Customer Center (Toll-free number 0120-054-321).

August 8, 2006
Rinnai Corporation