Notice to the users of Rinnai's hot-water and heating units

We thank our customers for their patronage over years.  

Some of Rinnai's hot-water and heating units demonstrate the symptom that a remote controller command, 643,is not able to activate a room heater/boiler.  (Please refer to the table below for model information.) Our investigation has found that the cause is the heating pump installed in the products, of which quality is uneven due to the difference in production conditions. This causes some of the products to display the symptom that was mentioned earlier.

There is no safety issue related to this symptom.

Rinnai will fix the products which show the condition due to the heating pump at no cost of customers.

We deeply apologize to the users of the products for the inconvenience caused.

Model information

Series name BL model Manufacturing period
RUFH-V2403AWseries ※ HT-4203ARS-AWseries
By July 2006
RUFH-V2403SAWseries ※ HT-4203ARS-SWseries
By July 2006
RUFH-V1613AWseries ※ HT-2803ARS-AWseries
By July 2006
RUFH-V1613SAWseries ※ HT-2803ARS-SWseries
By July 2006
* All models which start with RUFH-V2403 or RUFH-V1613 are the subject of free repair.

Model information

Model information


When your product indicates the symptom above, please contact the toll-free number below.

Customer Service Center, toll-free number (24 hours open)

toll-free number 0120-054-321