The utilization purpose of personal information

Rinnai shall utilize personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Customer related personal information
    (1) Provision of products and services
    (2) Provision of information and proposal related to products and services
    (3) Implementation of surveys and questionnaires regarding products and services
    (4) Response to inquiries and consultation
    (5) Arrangement of after-sales services
    (6) Maintenance and inspection
    (7) Conducting safety management activities and provision of safety information
  2. Shareholder related personal information
    (1) Execution of right and obligation in accordance with the Companies Act
    (2) Provision of various convenience
    (3) Various shareholder related activities (such as a questionnaire survey)
    (4) Data generation and shareholder management as required various laws and regulations
  3. Personal information related to job-seekers
    (1) Provision of recruitment information and communication
    (2) Management of recruitment activities
    Rinnai shall use owner information collected based on Long-term use product safety inspection system defined by Consumer Product Safety Act for nothing but the following reasons:
    (1) Important notice related products such as recall and inspection notice
    (2) Proper maintenance
    (3) Execution of inspection