100th Anniv. Connected in passion for the next 100 year


Connected in passion
for the next 100 year

“We want to improve people’s lives using heat.”
This is the commitment made
100 years ago by two men,
impassioned by the blue flame of a stove.

That flame of passion has since overcome
many challenges through multiple generations.
It still shines in the heart of every employee,
reflecting our slogan, “Quality is our destiny.”

With this unwavering passion in mind,
what can we do in the next 100 year?

To help people around the world live enhanced lives,
we must keep moving forward.

We must “go beyond” and
overcome new challenges.

Motivated by the flame of passion,
unchanged since its inception,
Rinnai will continue moving forward as a company
that supports people’s lives around the world.

100th Anniv.