Problems that could be caused by incorrect usage

It is dangerous to improperly use a product. Please consult the user manual for proper usage.

Actual case A user had been using a damaged dishwasher without fixing it.

Since a user had been using a dishwasher with a cracked internal panel and torn packing, a large volume of water entered through the damaged part. As a result, the tracking phenomenon occurred, and the equipment was burned.

* What is the tracking phenomenon?
It occurs when an electrical current flows into accumulated dust which bears water such as dew or condensation, causing heat and eventually ignition.

Since a user kept using equipment with a broken door component, the vibration of the equipment caused the contact failure of an electrical circuit, which resulted in overheating and burned the equipment.

Actual case A user put something very light, which could be easily blown, near equipment.

Since a user put something very light and easily blown, such as a combustible spoon, it eventually dropped onto the heater of the equipment. As a result, the heater started emitting smoke.

Actual case Equipment was put into operation although a door was not completely closed.

Since a user left a dish stuck in the door when using the dishwasher, a large amount of water leakage occurred.